Summer is fast approaching, and the end of the school year will be here before we know it!!!  Unlike the students, Allen Music Therapy will not be taking the summer off, and is looking for interested applicants to enroll in summer sessions and lessons.

There are many different ways Allen Music Therapy’s primary music therapist Daniel Allen (MTA, MT-BC) can use the healing powers of developmental music therapy to assist you and those you love.  These methods include:

  • 1 on 1 music therapy sessions
  • Group music therapy sessions for groups of 3-8 participants
  • Individual adapted music lessons
  • Inclusive music classes for groups of 3-12 participants


Daniel will work to develop a program best suited for you or your loved ones using developmental music therapy techniques, continual assessment, through documentation, and appropriate adaptations.  The possibilities are endless!

For more information on Daniel and Allen Music Therapy please click the tabs at the top of the page.  If interested in registering, please click “Book A Session”.

Looking forward to meeting you this summer!


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